Thursday, November 19, 2020

DreamStar Certification Program Relaunch Coming Soon

Kim Phetteplace, DreamStar's first Certified Practitioner, is working with me to upgrade and relaunch the DreamStar Certification program, as well as enhance our course offerings with short courses designed for people who want to learn the FiveStar Method without necessarily pursuing certification. We have cleaned up the Certification Course pages and navigation, and plan to re-offer the Mastering the FiveStar Method course soon. That course was unmonitored, but we plan to upgrade it to a mentored, interactive course. So look for it soon!

I am also working on launching a podcast in the next week, using the Buzzsprout platform. An ambient composer, Damien Duque (City of Dawn) has composed three original tracks for the podcast, and I have a brand new Blue Yeti mic for the podcast. I look forward to hosting a variety of dream experts and authors in the near future! 

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